Eterium 1.0.1 Patch Coming Soon

We’re working on the first patch for Eterium.  Aside from some bug fixes, this patch will contain a few new requested features.

Alternate First Person Shooter Style Mouse Control

The new mouse control will handle like a First Person Shooter.  For those who like the existing mouse controls, don’t worry they will still be available. From the launcher you’ll have the option to select between the different mouse control methods. I quite like the existing mouse control, but admit that it does have a steep learning curve.

Dead zone and Sensitivity per Axis

Each control axis will have its own dead zone and sensitivity adjustments. The patched version will removed the filter drop down menu which was the old way of handing sensitivity and add sliders for each axis.  The sliders will essentially do the same thing the linear, quadratic, cubic filters did, but provide more granularity.

Swap Sticks on the Xbox 360 Controller

The patch will make it possible to swap the left and right sticks on the Xbox 360 controller so that the right stick controls yaw/pitch and the left stick controls roll.

Keyboard-only Control

I was unaware of how popular this would be. Keyboard only control allows navigation of the fighter using the arrow keys.

Rudder Pedal Support

I dug my old Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals out of the closet and we’re adding support for our next patch. I had always intended to add rudder pedal support, but it fell off the radar toward the end.

The patch will be coming soon!