Eterium Cockpit View Camera

The next update to Eterium will include a new cockpit lock-on camera.  The camera will subtly follow your target.  This effect not only gives the cockpits a more 3D, appearance, but also gives a hint at the direction to turn to face your enemy.  Of course this feature will be optional.  I’ve been playing with it for a while and I really like it.

Cockpit Lock-on Camera

Watch a full video here (different scene):

Eterium DLC Missions Completed

The first pass on all the missions for the Episode 1 DLC for Eterium has been completed.  What remains to be done is a final pass on the story and several testing/balancing runs through the game.

On the winning path, which is very hard to achieve, you will get the chance to temporarily serve aboard a destroyer. The destroyer, as seen in later chapters of the base game, carries two Talwar fighters attached to its forward section.  Here are a few screenshots showing the interior art for the destroyer, UEA Waterloo, as well as a screenshot of the two Talwar fighters launching.

WaterlooBriefing1080p  WaterlooMainDeck1080p WaterlooRecRoom1080pWaterlooLaunch1080p

Eterium Act II DLC Update

I’ve been working on Episode 1 of the Act II DLC.  Episode 1 is currently planned to have 27 missions (14 of which have been completed) with between 9 to 15 missions payable for any one play-through.  That’s right, unlike the base game, the DLC will have a branching storyline.  Episode 1 will have three different endings and Episode 2 will pick up from where you left off in episode 1.

The reason Eterium did not have a branching story line is because of the difficulty ensuring that all paths are accessible.  For example, if a freighter with critical supplies is destroyed, then the player should start down a different path than if the freighter survived.  Given the dynamic nature of the game, and lack of wide spread testing before its release, I was not confident that I could correctly balance the mission so that the outcome is based on skill and feels fair to the player.  Since the game has been out and I have had the opportunity to talk to players and watch them play the game, I am now confident that I can script missions that can have losing outcomes based on skill; the player can learn to win on subsequent play-throughs.  Every mission in the DLC that includes a losing possibility is also a branching possibility.  The branches will also be intertwined, with three possible outcomes.

I’m releasing the DLC in episodes so that I can get it out quicker.  I would also like to release episode 1 free (it will be included in the next update) and see how popular it is before I decide how many more episodes to create.

The missions in the DLC will be a lot more challenging, more dynamic and include larger battles than the base game.

A couple early screenshots show one of the new environments I am working on as well as a large fighter wing heading into combat.

launchflyby1 flyby2


Eterium Act 2 Teaser

I have started work on the first episode of the episodic DLC for Eterium! Eterium Act 2: The Last Stand of the Canopus will be available soon. The first episode is planned to be released for free and will consist of 5 new chapters. I am planning a branching storyline, so for any given play-through, you’ll only play 3 of those 5 chapters.

Check out the teaser below:

Eterium 1.0.1 Patch Released

Rudder Control Support! New Mouse Control Options! Better Explosion Sounds! And More.

Eterium 1.0.1 patch is now available on Steam and coming soon to Desura.

Changelog for

New Features

  • Rudder Pedal Support
  • Optional First Person Shooter style mouse control. The original joystick emulation style mouse control is now called “emulated” and is the default
  • Added keyboard only flight controls: Select Direct / Keyboard on the Joystick tab in the launcher
  • Added individual dead zones and sensitivity settings for all axes
  • Launcher closes when game launches (there is an option to leave the launcher open on the settings tab)
  • Before mission, the player is reminded to return the throttle to the zero position if it is not already
  • Added option to swap the sticks on the Xbox 360 controller.
  • Added more robust logging to the game to help us track down problems

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed annoying in-cockpit engine sounds from wingmen in formation
  • Fixed Heavy Fighter turret odd behavior when using mouse control
  • Reduced the frequency of Eject warnings
  • Fixed instances of incorrect wingmen being listed in the kill score section during debriefings
  • Mission Vega 4: Fixed failed objectives showing success
  • Fixed taunt enemy spam exploit
  • Fixed a couple spelling errors
  • Fixed volume and improved explosion sounds
  • Fixed crash when starting game with joystick hat assigned to weapons
  • Mission Eridani 2: Fixed failure music playing when mission is successful
  • Mission Lyota 2: Replaced the first two S’tra with Stri’kal to make the mission a little easier
  • Fixed Xbox 360 Controller: Dpad Left selecting some menu items


Eterium 1.0.1 Patch Coming Soon

We’re working on the first patch for Eterium.  Aside from some bug fixes, this patch will contain a few new requested features.

Alternate First Person Shooter Style Mouse Control

The new mouse control will handle like a First Person Shooter.  For those who like the existing mouse controls, don’t worry they will still be available. From the launcher you’ll have the option to select between the different mouse control methods. I quite like the existing mouse control, but admit that it does have a steep learning curve.

Dead zone and Sensitivity per Axis

Each control axis will have its own dead zone and sensitivity adjustments. The patched version will removed the filter drop down menu which was the old way of handing sensitivity and add sliders for each axis.  The sliders will essentially do the same thing the linear, quadratic, cubic filters did, but provide more granularity.

Swap Sticks on the Xbox 360 Controller

The patch will make it possible to swap the left and right sticks on the Xbox 360 controller so that the right stick controls yaw/pitch and the left stick controls roll.

Keyboard-only Control

I was unaware of how popular this would be. Keyboard only control allows navigation of the fighter using the arrow keys.

Rudder Pedal Support

I dug my old Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals out of the closet and we’re adding support for our next patch. I had always intended to add rudder pedal support, but it fell off the radar toward the end.

The patch will be coming soon!

Eterium Out Now on Steam and Desura

It’s been a long road since Eterium first started as a hobby project of mine over 5 years ago.  After a successful kickstarter last year and being Greenlit on Steam earlier this year, Eterium is finally available for purchase!

Buy Eterium on Desura:

Heavy Fighter Video (Vega 2)

I haven’t shown much of the heavy fighter lately, so I decided to upload an entire mission played in the heavy fighter.  I was playing on Ace difficulty.

Eterium to be Released April 15th

Eterium is coming to a PC near you on April 15th.  On release, Eterium will be available through both Steam and Desura.


Eterium on Steam | Eterium on Desura

Official Eterium Webpage

Welcome to the official Eterium webpage.  Please check out our forums.  Be sure to check out our demo if you haven’t already!

Eterium will be available for purchase through Steam and Desura soon.