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Procedural Missions

There has been a lot of talk about procedural missions lately.  Most recently, Skyrim has been touting its Radiant Quest system.  The Radiant Quest system is a system to offer players unlimited quests.  Of course any game that relies solely on procedural missions would be quite boring.  Skyrim did it right.  They used their radiant quest system to compliment scripted quests and provide pointless side quests to help increase the realism and depth of the world.  I believe this is a great idea and I have been thinking of ways I could incorporate a similar system into Eterium.

Camera Shake

When using afterburners the course of the player’s ship adjust slightly and violently making controlling the ship a constant struggle to stay on course.  This is done, not only to add excitement and a feel of power to the afterburners, but also to discourage heavy use in combat.

New Cockpit

Cockpit ScreenshotI’ve been working on learning to use 3DS Max better. I have modeled a much better cockpit.  Using render to texture, I am rendering the radar, two video displays, fuel gauge and weapon gauge to the cockpit itself.  As the ship moves, the cockpit and instrumentation, lag slightly behind the camera.  This is an effect that cannot be achieved with a HUD alone.  Still to do, I plan to attach the rest of the HUD to the cockpit so when the camera shakes the HUD does not stay fixed to the camera.

I do not really like how the cockpit video displays turned out because the text on them is far too large for my liking. However, since the Xbox 360 is one of my target platforms, I must keep in mind how it would look on a TV.  The information on the Video displays needs to be readable from across the living room.

New Artist

A new artist, David, has joined the Eterium team!  For the last few months, David and I have been reviewing the existing concept art and discussing how we can make the game look better.  Some of the assets are starting to reach the final stage and will be appearing in media and screenshots soon.

Welcome to the Eterium Developer Blog

Eterium is an indie developed space flight sim game in the spirit of Wing Commander.  The game has been in development for a while and is nearing completion.  I have started this blog to keep people up to date on our progress as we finish off this game.  Stay tuned for more updates!