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New Saber Medium Fighter

Here are some shots of the new Saber Medium Fighter in game.  The Medium Fighter is faster and more heavily armed than the Sagaris, but it’s armor is weaker.

(Please note: stats displayed in these pictures are not final)

Revi Orbital Mining Facility

Here are a couple in-game preview shots of the Revi Mining Facility.  This is an orbital station that process ore mined on the planet below.  The large orange beam is used to beam the ore up to the station for processing.  These are very early shots, the texture is not complete yet and the lighting is a bit dark.  But I thought I would share this progress so far on this station.  Word of warning, avoid that big orange beam, it really hurts!


Improved Cockpit Lighting & Teide Sector Preview

I’ve been working to improve the lighting on the cockpits.  Originally most of the cockpit lighting was baked into the texture.  Now the cockpits react to the environment a lot better.   The reason I decided we needed to do this is because I am working on adding missions in the Teide System.  The Teide System is a new system added to the game that has a brown dwarf star.  As a result, the environment very dark and the bright cockpits looked out of place.  Also I was not very happy with how the cockpits looked when launching from the carrier as they did not react to the lighting inside the landing bay like the ships do.

Screenshots of new Lighting:

Preview of the Teide System (still early in development)

Working on Better Explosions

I’ve been working on better explosions.  I realize that in the demo, all the explosions look the same and the debris field are difficult to see.  I’ve been working on improving the look of the debris, but there is still a lot of work left on the debris.  I’ve also been working to make all the explosions look a little bit different and brightening the core of the explosions.  Here are a couple of screenshots showing the progress so far.

New Characters – In Game

Dave has finished up with the first pass on our character kit and has created several new characters.  I have been working on rerendering our Daz3D backgrounds to match a similar art style.  Our objective with these new characters is to present a more manga appearance.  We have received a lot of negative comments about the old 3D rendered Daz3D characters and decided it would be best to just throw them all out and change the style.  We feel this new Manga style really fits the personality of the game a lot better and gives as a lot more freedom to create new characters.  Here are some in-game screenshots of the new characters and new backgrounds.

Cockpit Specular Map Test

We decided, that while the fighters are too small to need a specular map, the cockpits would look a lot better with them.  One of the earlier versions of the Eterium 3.0 engine supported specular maps, but that had been removed as we abandoned support.  I have added back specular support for cockpits.  While it works, there is still some tweaking required.  Here is a screenshot with the new specular map on the Talwar cockpit.

New Characters

The weakest link of our game has been the characters for a long time. Well thats going to change. I’ve been holding off posting images of the new characters until I was sure the style I wanted to go with. I think of it as a manga style mix between Bleach and Gundam Wing. Not exactly since I’m not as good at drawing the figure as the pros, so mine will be less dynamic in pose, but I think the look will still decent. These were test characters made whole, while I’m working on a character creation tool for us to make lots of characters from. Like lots of upper body uniform poses, pants, eyes, flight suit, etc.

New Corvette, Again?

Yes I re-worked the re-worked Corvette. We realized our poly count was probably lower than it needed to be, while out texture rez was probably at it’s max. So I want back and added in some details which more or less completely changed the Corvette. This took all weekend actually as I basically rebuilt it completely from scratch. So hopefully I will be able to do something like this for other larger ships.