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David Schoneveld

Revi Color Tones

Trying to stay away from too dark and too gray in space can be a challenge. Trying to find the color palette look for the Revi then push that out to all the ships.

Revi Grilkath v2

This should have been a quick change since it was done recently, but somehow the texture photoshop file was missing. I didn’t have to start all over but I did have to redo the photoshop work. Anyway updated to the new style. Updated with stronger 2 tone.

Revi Destroyer v2

I keep refining the Revi standard look. I now have a pallet of all colors for the ships to make sure they are even. I changed the Revi logo to be red on black b/c the gray wasn’t texturing well. (the Cruiser has been updated but its minor so I didn’t fix the image below)

Revi Cruiser v2

All Revi ships are getting a warm tone to their base hull plating and a darker version of that for the armor, or extra armored areas. This is the first ship updated with that. One of the reasons for the color shift is to make the ships more easily identifiable as enemies. Also changed the landing bays to have a shielded color.

Envir Texture updated

Not 100% sure this will work. I tried updating them in photoshop alone, w/o the help of a 3d package, so we’ll see if this way works or if I’ll need to remake them in 3DCoat.

some gas planets textured

After making a bunch of planets Andrew informed me there weren’t many gas planets, if any. Hah. well here are some gas and assorted planets, some might get used. There is no #8 b/c I cut it. The numbers correspond to their fbx files. I’ve started a technique for earth like planets. Still a WIP tho.