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David Schoneveld

Talwar Updated

Even tho there is no UEA Talwar in Eterium as it stands now, there is one in the Eterium world so I made sure to just quickly do the UEA version as well.

UEA Sagaris

A really fun ship to fly. It was on this one I noticed on the cut scenes and fly-by’s the engine glow that I’ve been fixing on other ships. Here’s the updated Medium Fighter, fixed also some of the running lights, and removed the text on the wing.

UEA Heavy Cruiser

There’s no medium cruiser, no light cruiser so why heavy? These are the questions that we’ll ponder, hah. The important update here is the new engines. The engines of ships are blowing out to white in game so I’m trying a ramp to white in the emissive. We’ll see how that looks, but I’ll also do that on the fighters tomorrow morning.

edit: Also did the same treatment to the intake area, also tweaked the panels to get better alignment in areas (still not perfect but good enough for government work)

New UEA Freighter

After playing through the game and seeing the freighter in filled in wire frame I knew it had to be changed, but I didn’t want to go too far from the design as I liked what Andrew had originally. I also added the new texture colors scheme.

EDIT: New engine emissive texture

Changdao Consistency Pass

I made the color pallette consisant with the Canopus. Also removed the large numbering since the UV’s are mirrored, some would be backwards and when there are a few ships they would all have the same numbers. I left on the one set and made them small, probably too small to ever see in game. If not its a layer in photoshop that can be removed at any point too.

EDIT: New engine i/o emissive texture

EDIT Note: Gun color is wrong.

Canopus Final

Lots of changes, but we think this will be the version in the game.

EDIT: Updated engines emissive (have to check in game since the Canopus engine textures are different)

Canopus v2

The Canopus is the main ship the player flies missions from, and it was one of the first ships I made. I wasn’t happy with it once I learned more and got into the swing of things. Also I was trying to stay true to Andrews original ideas/design (some of them) of the ship. This is the updated version. I’ll go over it once more with tweaking notes from Andrew then make the collision meshes and damaged state(s). Oh and this is missing the tiny lights/running lights pass.