The Secret Missions of the UEA Farragut

From the personal log of Erik “Banshee” Craig:

I’m being reassigned from the Farragut to the Canopus. A promotion for sure!  But there’s something amiss. We just got a full squadron of Saber fighters, the latest out of R&D.  They’ve replaced most of our old Talwars. What would a heavy cruiser need with an advanced strike craft like that? Our fighters are primarily used for defense, a fighter like that belongs on a carrier. There’s something else as well, a lot of whispers about an upcoming mission into Revi space. I asked the CAG about it the other day and he flat out denied it.  John’s being transferred too, he’s going to the Saratoga.  I got a brief look at the transfer roasters, nearly a third of the crew is being reassigned!  I recognized a lot of names on that list. They were all from Vega! There’s something going on here and they don’t want us to know about it.  I don’t have much time, my shuttle leaves tomorrow morning, I better get packing.

Our hero gets transferred off the Farragut just prior to her secret mission.  But don’t worry, he’ll be encountering the Farragut again throughout his travels.  Also scheduled is an unlockable simulator “mini-series” which follows the Farragut on her secret mission.