Chapter 6

I have started work on Chapter 6.  Chapter 6 is a short chapter that takes place in the Vega System.  The Vega system is the capital of Vega sector.  I am aware that Vega is the same sector Wing Commander takes place in, also that a person from Vega would be a “Vegan.”  Originally Vega was chosen without the realization that it was where Wing Commander took place.  In trying to avoid references to Wing Commander, I accidentally picked a very prominent one.  By the time I realized it, I had already decided on a name for the rebel group, the Free Republic of Vega, abbreviated FRV.  I liked the FRV so much that I could not part with Vega despite the similarity to Wing Commander.  However, since hiring the writer, the story has shifted to the formation of the FRV, rather than taking place after the FRV was formed.  So the FRV will only be mentioned toward the end of the game, thus making it a lot less prominent in the game.  Furthermore, the people who form FRV are from the Vega sector and will now be known as “Vegan”, this obviously poses a problem.  So we are looking to change the name of Vega, but we have not decided on a name yet.  So for now I am going to call it Vega System.

During the last war with the Revi, Vega Colony, the largest colony in the Vega sector, was attacked and destroyed by the Revi.  The UEA was unable to provide protection because at the same time the Revi were attacking a much larger colony in the Sol Sector, Procyon.  The atmosphere of Vega was poisoned, hence the sick purplish color.  In the game we are just passing through this sector, which has been long abandoned.  Unfortunately the Revi are already here in force.  It seems they are everywhere.

Here are some screenshots from the first mission of Chapter 6.