Eridani System Beta Screenshots

And on to the Eridani System.  Here are some screenshots from the beta build.  I think of Eridani as the first real chapter of the game.  While it has the same number of missions as the Lyota System, the Lyota System really feels like a series of training missions.  In Eridani is when things start to heat up.  The last two missions of Eridani are quite challenging.  You’ll face Patrol Boats for the first time.  Patrol Boats are small capital ships that are closer to super heavy fighters.  They are tough, and if not dealt with carefully, they will be your death.  Save your missiles for these guys.  They are too maneuverable to use dumbfire missiles against, but not maneuverable enough to shake you.  If you are out of seeker missiles, get in behind one at the edge of weapon’s range, match speed and pick him off from a distance.  Watch out for his turret!  If you are feeling lucky, fly in at full afterburner and drop a dumbfire missile at point blank range, so he doesn’t have a chance to dodge it.