New Laser FX

I have finished rewriting the Laser FX system.  Lasers in games are very difficult because in reality lasers travel at the speed of light, however a laser traveling at the speed of light in a game would pretty much remove any requirement to aim; the laser would strike the enemy almost the moment the trigger was pulled.  The lasers in Eterium act more like bullets, travelling at a much slower speed.  Laser speeds, unlike lasers in real life, are actually affected by the velocity of the player.  The difference between a bullet and a laser bolt is that a laser bolt is usually a long cylindrical burst whereas a bullet is a very small object.  It is far more likely for the player to see abnormalities with a laser bolt than a bullet.  The problem we were experiencing in Eterium was that the laser bolts would often appear to not come from the player’s guns at all. The lasers were following the trajectory they had when they were shot, not the trajectory the player was currently following.  To solve this, the new laser system has the laser “grow” out of the gun.  While in this growing phase, the originating point of the laser is always updated to the position of the gun, even while the laser follows its original trajectory.  This results in a feel that the laser is bending rather than firing from an incorrect location.  While I was updating the lasers, I made them appear significantly better as well.  Here are some screenshots.