Eterium Act I Missions are Complete

All Missions for Eterium Act I are now completed and we are beginning internal play testing.


After much discussing, David and I have decided to divide Eterium into multiple acts.  We are planning to ship Act I before the end of the year and Acts II and III sometimes shortly after that.  Due to our small team size, it has become overwhelming to create all the missions while we are finalizing the art and gameplay.  Act I consists of 31 missions.  There will not be any mission branching in Act I, however it is a good possibility for Act II and III.  The Eterium engine does support multiple branches, but we decided that it would provide the best play experience to use a linear mission structure for this first Act.  Eterium being our first independent game release, we feel it is best to play it a little safe and deliver an experience that we know will be solid for all players.  These 31 missions on average 5-10 minutes to complete resulting in approximately 4-5 hours for a full play-though.  Acts II and III will be comparable in length, but may seem shorter due to mission branching.


Now that I have completed all the missions for this release, I have started bug fixing and adding more robust PC support.  Our intended release platform is going to be PC first and potentially a Xbox Indie release later on.