New Cockpit

Cockpit ScreenshotI’ve been working on learning to use 3DS Max better. I have modeled a much better cockpit.  Using render to texture, I am rendering the radar, two video displays, fuel gauge and weapon gauge to the cockpit itself.  As the ship moves, the cockpit and instrumentation, lag slightly behind the camera.  This is an effect that cannot be achieved with a HUD alone.  Still to do, I plan to attach the rest of the HUD to the cockpit so when the camera shakes the HUD does not stay fixed to the camera.

I do not really like how the cockpit video displays turned out because the text on them is far too large for my liking. However, since the Xbox 360 is one of my target platforms, I must keep in mind how it would look on a TV.  The information on the Video displays needs to be readable from across the living room.