Updated Talwar Light Fighter

Since this ship is going to be 2 ships, once for the UEA and one for the FRV I thought I better give it some love. This is the new Talwar, blocked in. The difference between the F-235C UEA and the F-235A FRV will probably just be textures.

FRV Lyota Space Station Blocked

As I read over the story today I was thinking about the Lyota Space Station. did a quick concept sketch or 2 and wasn’t thinking about it. Then as a test to myself I tried to model it as fast as I could. Not even thinking just making details and go go go. Well it didn’t turn out all that bad. I mean, UV’ing this will be a nightmare but whatever that’ll be another night. Here it is blocked in.

Revi Heavy Fighter Blocked Out

Took some times to update the “ships” page and wanted to block in a ship we didn’t have yet so I picked the Revi Heavy Fighter. There’s no cockpit visible like other fighters its not that left one out, more likely I’ll probably just add in the idea of a cockpit in texture.

Old Dreadnaught new Cruiser!

Since we had a better design for the bigger ship this turned into the Cruiser. it always needed a re-texture so that was updated. I hate the color of the intakes but they are orange in the texture but multiplied in Maya’s viewport 2.0 (maya’s best way to display objects) it looks too yellow. Instead of fixing it now I need to see it in engine to get the right coloring. The intake/engine textures will probably all get a color pass to correct them once we’re closer to final on all ships.

Working on the Second Mission

David has not had a chance to work on the assets required for this mission yet, so all the assets used here are programmer art.  When David is done, everything will look a whole lot better.  I’ve been working on the intro cinematic for mission 2.  Not all missions will have an intro cinematic, but this is still early in the game so a lot of story must still be introduced.  In this cinematic, our hero, Erik, transfers to his assignment, the Canopus, only to find the Captain is angry with him for helping Aria and the Free Republic of Vega in the first mission.  Here are two screen shots, the first is from the cinematic and the second is from the mission itself.

Revi Destroyer Textured

is it ever done? hah never, but this is close enough. Its not to scale, well none of the ships are really to scale. I need to rescale them all before next export. I’m learning a lot about texturing and UV’ing. Every time I do a ship it looks better than the previous ships. I’ll need to go back before alls said and done and give another pass on each.