UEA Changdao Cockpit Textured

First texturing pass, the shaders will still need tweaking and I’m not happy with the buttons/switches. I’d like to see more detail in them and more shape, as the brightness washes out that currently. The green box represents what I want the main view to be with the boarder elements there for camera shake ‘n such.

UEA Changdao Heavy Fighter Cockpit Mockup Render

I mocked a little more of the texture up on this, so its a maya render with some of the images of gameplay elements and some of textures. The final won’t look as busy as this since things like the keyboard will be dialed down, along with balancing textures so its not distracting to find the information you need.

Talwar Cockpit test render

Ok this is a maya render but I wanted to give a better sense of the cockpit. I think the blocking made it look too old, not futuristic… well somewhat. Anyway this is still w/o textures only the keyboard. Everything right now looks plain w/o the details the texture will bring. Its also has the main screens turned off.

Blocking Complete*

Sunday night and all is blocked in (Asterisks). Everyship is made, has a temp texture fbx exported with shader connections to textures.  well I realised as I was blocking in the Canopus damaged model that I will might have to re-do all the UV’s to have the same ship or make a new ship all together that will not have the same texture rez… something I’m working out. I have the damaged ship roughted in but needs some more love to get it in the “blocked” phase. Still thats more a texture issue than a blocking. I’m calling blocking phase done. On to textures and other stuuuufff.

FRV Lyota Space Station Temp Textures

I needed an emission map for the Lyota Space Station. Unlike all the ships that have at least a temp emission map from shader assignment the space station did not. So I wanted to quick slap some emissive textures on it. I think it turned out kinda cool. This is all temp who knows how it will be final but I think something along these lines is a good direction.