Chapter 3 missions complete, starting Chapter 4

I have finished creating the missions in Chapter 3.  A total of 23 missions are now complete.  Many of them still need some tweaks and balance adjustments.  I have also created the Signus sector and started work on Chapter 4.  Here are a couple screenshots from the first mission in Chapter 4.  I’vebe busy working on getting some of the UI elements closer to final.  In these screen shots you’ll notice the tactical displays have new shield and armor graphics.

Eterium Preview Video

I’ve posted a preview video to youtube.  Check it out.  Be sure to watch at 720p!  Keep in mind this is a preview of the development version.  There are still many missing/incorrect graphics assets.







A Pair of Talwars Closing in for the Kill

Republic Pilot “Tag” and I closing in to take out a crippled S’tra light fighter during the Lyota Campaign.  I need to work on the thruster trails, I have not done any work on them since the new ship models were added.  Also the cockpit colors are just a pallette shift for now.  I want the Republic fighter cockpit to have more of an orange hue compared to the blue/green of the Alliance cockpits.


I’ve put some more work into the HUD.  I wanted something a little more complex and decorative to better fit in with the new cockpits.  Here’s what I’ve got so far.