What is Eterium?

Eterium a space combat simulator in the spirit of space games from the 90s including Wing Commander and X-Wing.  Eterium combines the gameplay style of Wing Commander with modern 3D graphics.  The ships in Eterium include a very complex system damage system that reduces the functionality of the ships as they take damage.

Who is producing Eterium?

Eterium is being developed and produced by Rogue Earth LLC.  We have a small development team that fluctuates between two to three people depending on our needs.

What engine does Eterium Use?

Eterium is built using a custom engine built on the XNA framework.

Does Eterium support joystick and gamepads?

Eterium has full joystick support and full support for the Xbox 360 controller.

What platfroms is Eterium available on?

Eterium is a PC only title. Eterium was originally developed for the Xbox 360 to be released as an Indie game and thus was developed using the XNA framework. We have since decided to concentrate on the PC only as that is the platform this game feels best on. Due to the nature of games based on XNA framework, porting to Linux or Mac would be very difficult for a team of our size with our development budget.

Will there be multiplayer?

Eterium is a single-player only experience.  This is our company’s first game and as such we have a limited team size and budget, we want to put all our effort into making the best single-player experience we can.

What are the system requirements?

We are still trying to determine Eterium’s requirements.  Please try out our demo before purchasing and check out our forums for more info.  Our estimated requirements are:

  • Windows PC (XP, 7, and 8).
  • Core 2 processor or better
  • Shader Model 3.0 Graphics Card or better (Integrated cards not supported)
  • Strongly Recommended: Xbox Controller or Joystick.