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Eterium Cockpit View Camera

The next update to Eterium will include a new cockpit lock-on camera.  The camera will subtly follow your target.  This effect not only gives the cockpits a more 3D, appearance, but also gives a hint at the direction to turn to face your enemy.  Of course this feature will be optional.  I’ve been playing with it for a while and I really like it.

Cockpit Lock-on Camera

Watch a full video here (different scene):

Eterium Out Now on Steam and Desura

It’s been a long road since Eterium first started as a hobby project of mine over 5 years ago.  After a successful kickstarter last year and being Greenlit on Steam earlier this year, Eterium is finally available for purchase!

Buy Eterium on Desura:

Official Eterium Webpage

Welcome to the official Eterium webpage.  Please check out our forums.  Be sure to check out our demo if you haven’t already!

Eterium will be available for purchase through Steam and Desura soon.