Eterium Act II DLC Update

I’ve been working on Episode 1 of the Act II DLC.  Episode 1 is currently planned to have 27 missions (14 of which have been completed) with between 9 to 15 missions payable for any one play-through.  That’s right, unlike the base game, the DLC will have a branching storyline.  Episode 1 will have three different endings and Episode 2 will pick up from where you left off in episode 1.

The reason Eterium did not have a branching story line is because of the difficulty ensuring that all paths are accessible.  For example, if a freighter with critical supplies is destroyed, then the player should start down a different path than if the freighter survived.  Given the dynamic nature of the game, and lack of wide spread testing before its release, I was not confident that I could correctly balance the mission so that the outcome is based on skill and feels fair to the player.  Since the game has been out and I have had the opportunity to talk to players and watch them play the game, I am now confident that I can script missions that can have losing outcomes based on skill; the player can learn to win on subsequent play-throughs.  Every mission in the DLC that includes a losing possibility is also a branching possibility.  The branches will also be intertwined, with three possible outcomes.

I’m releasing the DLC in episodes so that I can get it out quicker.  I would also like to release episode 1 free (it will be included in the next update) and see how popular it is before I decide how many more episodes to create.

The missions in the DLC will be a lot more challenging, more dynamic and include larger battles than the base game.

A couple early screenshots show one of the new environments I am working on as well as a large fighter wing heading into combat.

launchflyby1 flyby2