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Eterium Development

Old Dreadnaught new Cruiser!

Since we had a better design for the bigger ship this turned into the Cruiser. it always needed a re-texture so that was updated. I hate the color of the intakes but they are orange in the texture but multiplied in Maya’s viewport 2.0 (maya’s best way to display objects) it looks too yellow. Instead of fixing it now I need to see it in engine to get the right coloring. The intake/engine textures will probably all get a color pass to correct them once we’re closer to final on all ships.

Working on the Second Mission

David has not had a chance to work on the assets required for this mission yet, so all the assets used here are programmer art.  When David is done, everything will look a whole lot better.  I’ve been working on the intro cinematic for mission 2.  Not all missions will have an intro cinematic, but this is still early in the game so a lot of story must still be introduced.  In this cinematic, our hero, Erik, transfers to his assignment, the Canopus, only to find the Captain is angry with him for helping Aria and the Free Republic of Vega in the first mission.  Here are two screen shots, the first is from the cinematic and the second is from the mission itself.

Revi Destroyer Textured

is it ever done? hah never, but this is close enough. Its not to scale, well none of the ships are really to scale. I need to rescale them all before next export. I’m learning a lot about texturing and UV’ing. Every time I do a ship it looks better than the previous ships. I’ll need to go back before alls said and done and give another pass on each.

Revi Capital Ship Dreadnaught

first look at the new Dreadnaught

Been working on the design for a while. While this isn’t 100% it’s getting there. Still needs some scale/window checks and some engine intake love. Might move on to other ships just get the more going.

Art Preview: Sagaris, Corvette, Revi Light Fighter

As stated in a previous post a new artist, David, recently joined the Eterium team.  David has been busy in his spare time putting together some ships for Eterium.  He has just come off some other projects and can now now devote his attention to Eterium.  He has provided me with three rough renders of the ships he has been working on.  Check them out (UEA Sagaris Medium Fighter, UEA Zhukov Corvette and Revi Light Fighter):

UEA SagarisUEA ZhukovRevi Light Fighter

Procedural Missions: Ship Placement

Ship placement is perhaps the most important aspect of creating procedural missions.  For procedural patrol missions in Eterium, placement is handled by providing a maximum difficulty and an individual encounter difficulty for the mission.  Encounter difficulty determines how many and which type of ships can be placed at a particular encounter (e.g. en route to Nav 1), while the maximum difficulty is the sum total of all encounters.  The latter ensures that a mission will not be generated that consists of several brutal encounters in a row.