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Eterium Development

Small Corvette update

The corvette was made sort of in its own world not really to scale. So once that became an issue, I needed to redo the cockpit area and the engines were a little big. That will require some re-UV’ing and texture fixes but it won’t be that hard.

UEA Transport

Fastest ship ever. Made this in less than an hour b/c I tore off the top of the destroyer and put it on backwards onto a block, added engines, done! 120 meters in length, I imagine it could be a transport or a small freighter.

Jump Buoy

Not the most exciting update but its a key element in game play. The Jump Buoy is the only place where small-mid size cap ships can jump from (large can jump from anywhere) and where all ship have to jump to.

Small update

Needed to scale some things to make the light fighter work with the human scale, not quite as light an nimble but still works. Also shorter than used to be 30 meters but is now only 22

UEA sagaris Medium Fighter swapped updated

When I noticed that the Sagaris looked more like the Revi style than the UEA and I needed a Medium Revi fighter I switched it over (slapped on a crappy color shift texture) and made a new UEA medium fighter more in line with the military human build UEA style. This is the new Sagaris blocked in.

UEA Heavy Figher Update

The old design of the heavy fighter didn’t match the UEA style we’ve been building so it was all but scrapped. It helped me get the initial shapes but even the parts I like were removed as the design grew.

We swapped the UEA medium fighter over to the Revi b/c it style matches more the Revi build and slapped a tmp texture on it for the ships page. Revi have internal engines UEA have external (not always on cap ships) UEA look more like human military, while the Revi more alien, tighter and somewhat futuristic. Subtle things like the canopy on the Revi has no bezel while the UEA does… as a small example. During the re-edits the styles of each faction will continue to be conformed.

Updated Talwar Light Fighter

Since this ship is going to be 2 ships, once for the UEA and one for the FRV I thought I better give it some love. This is the new Talwar, blocked in. The difference between the F-235C UEA and the F-235A FRV will probably just be textures.

FRV Lyota Space Station Blocked

As I read over the story today I was thinking about the Lyota Space Station. did a quick concept sketch or 2 and wasn’t thinking about it. Then as a test to myself I tried to model it as fast as I could. Not even thinking just making details and go go go. Well it didn’t turn out all that bad. I mean, UV’ing this will be a nightmare but whatever that’ll be another night. Here it is blocked in.

Revi Heavy Fighter Blocked Out

Took some times to update the “ships” page and wanted to block in a ship we didn’t have yet so I picked the Revi Heavy Fighter. There’s no cockpit visible like other fighters its not that left one out, more likely I’ll probably just add in the idea of a cockpit in texture.