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New Planets

David and I have been working on adding new planets to replace the poor quality procedural planets.  Here is what we are currently working on for Lyota.


New Tactical Displays

I’ve been working on updating the Tactical Displays.  Fuel Status, Weapon Energy and Missile loadout are the most effected by this change.  The rest of the displays received some minor cosmetic updates.

Eterium Desktop Wallpaper

David has been busy working on some new promotional artwork for Eterium.  Here is a desktop background created from the box art that he recently completed.

Landing Bay Update

Well its not completely textured but here’s a look at where the landing bay is at. I think I’ll take a lot of these components and put them in the other landing bays, so trying to add the details now.

Lyota Space Station Texture Update

There’s a whole new landing bay but its not textured yet (the new objects the bay is textured) But here’s a peak at the new exterior texture. I learned a lot, and would make a more modular station next time. Also more specific shapes, less 90 degree angles, but that’s really getting to another aesthetic. Next time. This one is getting close. More tweaks on the texture once Andrew gets back and we maybe paint it a bit add some things here and there. But the new idea is there.

A new ship?

Whats this? There are no other ships scheduled to be made!?!? Well I’ve been working on a big Space Station update (textures and landing bay) and got a little bored last night. So I bashed a few things around and came up with this ship. I liked it and through maybe its the FRV Interceptor that got cut. Well whatever it is you’re not going to fly it b/c I’m not making another cockpit for it, haha. It doesn’t have logo’s or anything on it, so it’d need some more work but I’m not really supposed to be making this anyway so… we’ll see what happens to our “Interceptor”

Update Starfield

Dave has been busy updating the starfields.  Here is a before/after preview of some of his most recent work.  We still have some work to do on it, but the stars and nebula are looking much better.  (The before picture is a bit blurry because it was captured from a video).


New Radar and cockpits

Dave and I have been busy bug fixes, adding final features and basically polishing the entire game.  Dave has spent a lot of time recently redoing all the cockpits.  After looking at his new cockpits, I realized how much the simple radar detracted from the look.  So ten minutes in Photoshop later and we got ourselves a new radar.  Check it out!  Also take a look at the great detail Dave has put into this cockpit!

Asteroid Dust Fields

I was watching an episode of Star Trek Enterprise and I got the idea to have asteroid fields have dust clouds.  I originally had the clouds the same intensity as on the show, but I felt it was too sharp a contrast to the normal background of the current sector, so I drew it back a bit.  Here is a screenshot, notice the yellowish dust color.