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Beta Build Submitted for Approval

I have submitted our current beta build version 1.0b2605 for approval on Desura.  I am currently awaiting for approval on both our Desura client copy and our direct download option.

Once it has been made available, I will start sending out keys to our beta level kickstarter backers.

The beta will contain the first 4 chapters at about 22 missions.  There will be a couple branching missions here and there.  We are currently in talks with a writer to help us improve the story and writing.  Because of this, much of the story in the game will be changed before final release.  But many of the missions will stay the same.  This beta build will represent about 1/2 to 1/3rd of the full game.  We will continue to update the beta version all the way up until release.

Status on the Beta

Just an update on the beta.  We are slipping release of the beta by a few days due to some complications.  I have just finished up the last missions that will be included in the beta.  The beta will contain the first 4 chapters (and we will be adding chapters as they are developed) and weigh in at about 20 missions.  There will also be a number of bug fixes that were reported in our demo.  We’ll be releasing the beta to those who pledged at the beta level or higher on our kickstarter.  The distribution method will be through Desura.  If possible, we will be providing a direct download option through Desura as well.

The work that remains to be done on the beta at this point is a few bug fixes and some full play-through for testing.

Scott Manley Playing Eterium on Youtube

Scott Manley, a Youtube personality who plays space flight games, probably best known for his great Kerbal Space Program videos, has done a playthrough video for Eterium!


He is playing our demo version 2369.02.  I am very pleased with how well the game did in this video.  I’m a little disappointed that he ran into a glitch where his ship was destroyed right after autopilot.  We are aware of this issue and it occurs very rarely, so its hard for us to track down.  Basically, a nav point was generated too close to a planet and his ship “burned up” in the atmosphere.


We are also addressing some of his concerns (please note: The fixes mentioned are not yet in our latest demo):

  • Music: We just had some musicians join our team and they are making some great music for us.  Stay tuned, we’ll have some samples soon.
  • Scott couldn’t figure out how to land!  That’s our fault.  We have already corrected this problem.  Coming to a stop at any point in the landing bay will end the mission.
  • The landing bay on Lyota Station is oddly position.  The autopilot will bring you out lined up for approach, but I think we need to add something to make that more obvious
  • I love the part where he is flying through the asteroid fields saying they are too easy and then BOOM, his ship explodes!  For the record, the asteriod fields in the first and second missions are intentionally easier.  They get more difficult as the game progresses.  Also there will be combat in asteroid fields as well.
  • We are working to improve joystick control.  You could help us out if you have a joystick by downloading the demo and leaving your feedback on our forums!
I want to thank Scott Manley for taking his time to play our game and make a great video.

New Demo Released

We have released a new demo with some new features and bug fixes!  Please help us test the demo and report any problems on our forums.

Download Demo

Summary of what’s new:

  • Bug fixes including more responsive keyboard controls
  • Improved docking bay lighting (we are still working on making this better!)
  • Better explosions with debris! (work in progress)
  • New blackout/redout effects

Eterium Kickstarter

Many of you have played the Eterium demo and left us some great feedback. I’m am very pleased to see that many of you are as excited about this game as we are. We see the same potential in Eterium as you do and we know that with a little bit of funding we can make Eterium even better. The funding we need would allow our team to commit themselves full-time, it will give us much needed resources to hire a new character artist, add new sound fx, improve the graphic quality and hire musicians. As a stretch goal, we want to add voice acting the game! For this reason, we have decided to launch a kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funding. I encourage you to check out our kickstarter page and if you see something you like please help contribute to Eterium’s success! Thank you.

Eterium Kickstarter

Eterium Demo is Live!

The Eterium Demo is now live!  The demo includes four missions from the first chapter.  Head over to our demo page and check it out!  We could use your help to test Eterium on new systems. We would also appreciate any feedback.  Our forums are now online, so once you have the demo, head over to our forums to provide feedback!

New Trailer

We have added a lot to the game as we prepare our demo (available soon!).  Here’s a new trailer showing off the latest Eterium has to offer.