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Don’t Feed the Animals – Airplane Party Released

Rogue Earth has released Don’t Feed the Animals – Airplane Party into Early Access on Steam. Airplane Party is a virtual reality puzzle game (currently Vive only). The game is completely playable with 18 puzzles and many more coming soon. We are opening this up to the community for feedback and ideas to help steer further development of the game. For more information check out the Steam Page.

Eterium 1.0.1 Patch Released

Rudder Control Support! New Mouse Control Options! Better Explosion Sounds! And More.

Eterium 1.0.1 patch is now available on Steam and coming soon to Desura.

Changelog for

New Features

  • Rudder Pedal Support
  • Optional First Person Shooter style mouse control. The original joystick emulation style mouse control is now called “emulated” and is the default
  • Added keyboard only flight controls: Select Direct / Keyboard on the Joystick tab in the launcher
  • Added individual dead zones and sensitivity settings for all axes
  • Launcher closes when game launches (there is an option to leave the launcher open on the settings tab)
  • Before mission, the player is reminded to return the throttle to the zero position if it is not already
  • Added option to swap the sticks on the Xbox 360 controller.
  • Added more robust logging to the game to help us track down problems

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed annoying in-cockpit engine sounds from wingmen in formation
  • Fixed Heavy Fighter turret odd behavior when using mouse control
  • Reduced the frequency of Eject warnings
  • Fixed instances of incorrect wingmen being listed in the kill score section during debriefings
  • Mission Vega 4: Fixed failed objectives showing success
  • Fixed taunt enemy spam exploit
  • Fixed a couple spelling errors
  • Fixed volume and improved explosion sounds
  • Fixed crash when starting game with joystick hat assigned to weapons
  • Mission Eridani 2: Fixed failure music playing when mission is successful
  • Mission Lyota 2: Replaced the first two S’tra with Stri’kal to make the mission a little easier
  • Fixed Xbox 360 Controller: Dpad Left selecting some menu items

Eterium Out Now on Steam and Desura

It’s been a long road since Eterium first started as a hobby project of mine over 5 years ago.  After a successful kickstarter last year and being Greenlit on Steam earlier this year, Eterium is finally available for purchase!

Buy Eterium on Desura:

Eterium Greenlit!

Thanks to all your support, Eterium has been greenlit! I’m working right now on getting the steam SDK working with Eterium. We’ll have our full steam page up soon.

Release Candidate 1 to be Released to KS Backers

Eterium Release Candidate 1 will be available to our KS backers at the beta level in just a couple of days.  It’s been submitted to Desura and is awaiting approval.  Hopefully this is our final beta and the version of the game that will be released.

I’ve also uploaded a new trailer to youtube.

Updated Demo to Version 1.0.3132

I’ve uploaded a new version of the demo that addresses some concerns that have come up and add some bug fixes.  The tutorial on first mission has been improved and you can now check the controls at any time by pausing the get and selecting “Show Controls”.  I’ve also made the dialog text larger and easier to read at higher resolutions.

You can grab the latest demo here.

Demo Version 1.0.3046 Released!

We’ve released a new demo version.  This is our first demo release since we got kickstarter funding.  You’ll be amazed at how much the game has changed.  This demo is intended to be our final demo release (bug fixes aside) and is based off the final version of the first 4 missions from the game.

Check it out.

Beta Has Been Released to Kickstarter Backers

An early beta of Eterium is now available for our Kickstarter backers at the $25 (beta) level and above.  This release is not so much a beta of the game, but an example of things to come.  A majority of the content in this beta is pre-kickstarter.  With the Kickstarter funding we are working on improving and expanding the missions, improving the graphics and completely rewriting the story.  Stay tuned for more beta releases as work on the game progresses.