Large Escort Mission Being Added to Eridani

I’ve been working on programming missions and polishing up the existing missions.  We are still waiting for deliverables from various people we are working with, so in the meantime I am fleshing out the missions and thinking about the missions to come later in the game.  I wanted to share this screenshot, it doesn’t show much; but it’s something I’ve been working on for a new mission in Eridani.  Originally, Eterium’s escort missions only allow for a single ship to be escorted.  This meant boring missions like escorting a freighter, or occasionally escorting something more exciting like a destroyer.  Since the player’s carrier, the Canopus, herself always has escorts, it was impossible to do a mission where you escort the Canopus.  I’ve modified some code and added some new features and we now have support for escorting multiple ships at the same time.

This screenshot is from an autopilot sequence where the player is escort a very important freighter to a jump point.  The Canopus and her fleet have come along to provide extra assistance (this is a very important freighter — don’t want to give away any of the story though).

(Click to enlarge)

You’ll immediately notice the Canopus and her two destroyer escorts, behind her is the freighter in question.  If you look closely at the center you’ll notice the player’s wing, four Sagaris medium fighters in a diamond formation.  But if you look  further out from the center and in front of the diamond formation you’ll see 2 Sagaris and 2 Talwar fighters flying additional protection.

I haven’t scripted the battles yet, but I’m envisioning something similar to the massive battle in the first mission of the Beid System, except the Canopus wouldn’t be in as much immediate danger.  I’m also thinking about having the Canopus scramble several bombers to help take out capital ships.  This jump point is going to be well protected, but we need to get the freighter through at all costs.