Working on Updating the Controls

Note: These updates will not be added to the demo (anytime soon).  We are pushing forward with development of the rest of the game and releasing another build of the demo, with just certain new features integrated, would take a lot of time.  So these are proposed changes, many of them already implemented in the beta version we are working on.


These changes are based on feedback we have received on the demo.  The first thing we have done is added two new targeting keys that can be assigned to keyboard or joystick.  Target enemy ship attacking the ship I am escorting (this has no relevance in the demo, since there aren’t any escort missions) and target enemy ship attack my wingman.  These have yet to be mapped to the xbox controller because I am still deciding how I want to do that.  I am thinking about having double tap of X select enemy attacking the ship I am escorting.


For mouse controls: holding down the middle button and moving the mouse side to side now rolls your ship.  Pushing the mouse forward and back (beyond a generous deadzone) increases/decreases speed.


For the Xbox Controller: Pushing the Right Stick (usually used for Roll) forward and backward (beyond a generous deadzone) gives you fine tune control over increase/decrease speed.  (It used to be that you had to hold down Y for a second or two, since tapping Y sets full throttle).  Since you can get up to speed very fast with the right stick, I am thinking about remove Y and A as full throttle / zero throttle and reassigning new commands to those.  Although I have gotten used to tapping those buttons for quick speed changes.  We’ll have to do some play testing with both ways and see how it works out.  There are very few buttons on the xbox controller, so the more I can free up for other commands the better.