Muzzle Flashes / New 1080p Battle Screenshots

We’ve added muzzle flashes to all the fighter’s guns. This flash only appears on the screen for about 1/20th of a second, but hides the awkward appearance of the energy bolts emerging from the cannons. This handles the job particularly well on the Sagaris, where the cannons can be seen from within the cockpit. In game, this new muzzle effect looks amazing. While originally only intended to be seen on the player’s ship, I noticed that it really looked good on other ships; so we’ve added the muzzle flash to all fighters across the board.

I also took some 1080p screenshots of a battle between two Sagaris medium fighters (I’m flying one of them) and two Revi Stri’kal Medium Fighters.  In order to get these action shots, I recorded a 1080p video using Fraps and extracted the frames from the video.  Using this method not only allowed me to capture higher res screenshots, but also the action at the precise moment of the muzzle flash.