Updated Character Art

We have gotten many comments about the character art being the weakest part of Eterium.  It’s not easy doing character art and for a majority of the game’s development, I have been working alone (I’m a programmer, not an artist).  The characters I used were purchased from Daz3D and modified using Daz Studio.  David and I have been working together to try and improve the look of the characters.  Starting over from scratch and making them properly is just out of the question at this time.  As close as we are to releasing, it would add an unacceptable amount of time to our release schedule.  So what we’ve come up with was some lighting fixes, camera angle fixes and a bunch of photoshopping.  Here is a sample of the update character art.  I think you’ll agree that this is a major improvement over the previous art.  While still not at the level we would like, the Eterium team is currently made up of only 2 programmers and 1 artist, we simply don’t have the resources to bring the character to the level we want.  Since the game’s focus is on space combat and not characters, I think this is a fair compromise.