New Video/Screenshots – Lyota Sector: Mission Six

Here are some new screenshots from the sixth mission in the Lyota Sector.  In this mission, our hero, Banshee, is tasked with leading a wing of fighters to defend the Canopus while she warms up her jump engines.  It is the responsibility of the player to manage his time and make sure that he returns to the Canopus before she jumps out.


The last screenshot requires a bit of an introduction.  I was returning to the Canopus, on approach for landing, when out of nowhere a missile came straight at me.  I avoided it on instinct, without even realizing where it had originated from.  If you look closely you can see that the trail behind the missile passes all the way through the Canopus’ flight deck and back to a Stri’kal Medium Fighter (targeted on tactical) on the other side!  I was hesitant to post this screenshot because it is not a very flattering shot of the game, but I was just so amazed by what I saw that I had to share it.